When you sow the seeds of these charming flowers, you'll reward yourself with soft drifts of color and scent that will bloom faithfully every spring; the biennials will provide color for the following year. Plan to re-sow the biennials, or better yet, let them self-sow for blooms every year thereafter. Includes sowing and growing and garden planning tips, plus individual packets of: Hollyhock, 'Sutton's Apricot' Foxglove, Violet Sweet Rocket, Pheasant-Eyed Pink, Straw Foxglove, Sweet William, and 'Grandmother's Garden Columbine.

Combine this collection with our old-fashioned annuals for all season bloom.


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Fig Hollyhock


FIG HOLLYHOCK Alcea ficifolia The original species called Antwerp Hollyhock, was yellow. I offer here a natural hybrid between this species and A. rosea. Yellow, copper ,rose, red, and white single saucer-shaped flowers bloom along the tall stems. A true perennial, it persists for years and also is much less susceptible to rust. The epitome of an old-fashioned flower, it looks best in informal settings, grown against old out buildings and fences in masses. Listed in a book of 1833. Rich moist soils in sun. 6'-7' tall. Summer bloom. Zones 3-10

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