Trying to identify the plants on the property has become quite a challenge. As of this point in time I have made no attempt at classifying any of the plants on the steep, wooded hillside. These 16 acres have not been disturbed for a long, long time and I am sure many interesting species exist in this area. However, the old corn field at the bottom of the hillside has given way to many species that I have collected and reintroduced to the area. For years, I have walked along old railroad tracks collecting seeds. My good friend, Lucy Armstrong, has had to stop the car on many occasions while I got out and collected seeds from the ditches along the road. Each year I manage to reintroduce a few new species. In recent years this practice has given way to spending my winter searching the internet for nursery seeds and plants.


I have also started collecting some information on the trees found on the property. However, this list is by no means complete. As time permits in the future, I will attempt to identify and classify many others.


Trees identified on the property


The Families

Agavaceae The Agave Family
Apiaceae The Carrot Family
Asclepiadaceae The Milkweed Family
Asteraceae The Aster Family
Fabaceae The Bean Family
Iridaceae The Iris Family
Lamiaceae The Mint Family
Lobeliaceae The Lobelia Family
Rosaceae The Rose Family
Scrophulariaceae The Figwort Family


Zone 3 plants

Native Prairie

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