Rickert Nature Preserve Plants

Aquilegia Canadensis
Wild Columbine

Native: Yes



12 to 18 in. . . Sun to mod. shade . . Avg. soil, well drained . . Native . . Nodding flowers are red, streaked with yellow. Spring bloom. Attractive divided foliage. Good hummingbird plant. Long lived and reliable. An excellent garden plant. . . Wild Columbine does best with a few hours of direct sun and well drained, loose soil. The medium textured, light green foliage makes it a valuable landscape plant long after the blooms fade. Highly recommended. . . Used herbally as a diuretic, diaphoretic, tonic and laxative. The seeds were crushed and used by some native tribes as a perfume.  Zones 3 to 9 

Attracts Butterflies.


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