Cup Plant - Silphium perfoliatum


Cup Plant: Silphium perfoliatum: Asteraceae


Flowering heads have from 20 to 30 ray flowers, surrounding a central cluster of conspicuous, yellow, disc flowers. Involucral bracts are few in number, broadly ovate, and prominent. Leaves are broadly ovate and arranged in pairs. The paired leaves are fused to each other at their bases, so that they surround the stem, forming a distinctive "cup," which may hold rain water. Margins of the upper leaves have shallow teeth of rather uniform size. Lower leaves have large, prominent teeth, that are lobe-like, and not uniform. The stem is square, rather than round. This is a tall plant, growing shoulder high or higher. Blooms from July through September, in prairies and prairie plantings, where soil is damp. Native to N. A.


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