Aruncus dioicus

Herbaceous perennial to 2 m., Goats Beard

Flowers in frothy pyramidal panacles to 50 cms, large leaves

W. & C. Europe, S. Russia - Zone 4- $2/1 per pkt.



Season = late spring

Height = 48-60 inches

Hardiness = USDA Hardiness Zone 3-7

Flower Color = creamy white

Soil = moist, rich soil

Exposure = partial shade

Propagation = seed, division in spring

North Carolina Regions = Mountains

Comments = Males and females are separate in Goat's beard, with the male flowers showier, but nurseries do not separate the male from female plants. Goat's bear grows into a large clump which makes a bold display in a shady garden.

Origin = North America, North Carolina


This plant is the caterpillar host for the Dusky Azure (Celastrina nigra Edwards) butterfly.


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