Filipendula rubra - Queen of the Prairie


I finally found a nursery in Winconsin where in Spring of 1998, I purchased 3 strong roots. I have been looking for years. I forget the price. Perhaps $10 apiece.

Nonetheless, I planted each of the three root stocks in a 3.4 gallon black plastic bucket. I used good black heavier soil (more clay). I put the three containers into the stream at a depth of 1 or 2 inches. All three containers bloomed this first year. The stalks were only about 4 feet tall. I will let plants stay in containers another year before transplanting them into their own location. It is my understanding that the seeds can be easily used to spread the plant. That is my intention in the future.



Filipendula rubra (Queen of the Prairie) Z. 2-8, Ht. 6-8' (2-2.5m.) Vigorous perennial wildflower, with feathery plumes of soft red flowers. Likes good moisture, tolerates light shade. Easy to grow. Rheum palmatum 'Atrosanguineum' Z. 4-9, Ht. 6' (2m.)

Rhubarb on steroids. Huge lobed and deeply divided leaves with a distinctly barbaric effect. In summer, produces tall wonderful plumes of corally red blossoms staging up and hugging the stems. Will grow as wide as it is tall. If you have room for it, it is a remarkable plant. Both this, and the filipendula above, are not common, but are not impossible by any means to find for sale.



Hardiness Zones: 3 to 8
Height: 7 ft Spread: 3 ft
Type: herbaceous perennial
Flowers: Pink

Comments: This large plant is useful at the back of the border. It is tolerant of almost boggy conditions and so can be used in wet areas. The 9- to 12-inch flower clusters are borne in mid-summer with a possible repeat in late summer. The plants are long-lived and grow best in full sun to partial shade. A native of North America.

Propagation: Propagate by seed or division.

Cultivars: 'Venusta' - Flowers are dark pink.

References for Cultivars: White Flower Farm 1997, Bailey Nurseries 1997, Wayside Gardens 1996, Ray Wiegand's Nursery 1997. .


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