I planted one in spring of 1998.





Nelumbo nucifera : “Sacred Water Lilly” This species is a large water lily, the rhizome is used as a narcotic in many countries, seed must be buried or sunk into a pond in order to grow. 

A seed nursery called "Legendary Ethnobotanical Resources" use to sell the seeds.


Botanical Name Common Name Description Zone Height
Nelumbo nucifera spp. Perry's Giant Sunburst
Creamy-yellow flowers, 10"
4-10 60"
Nelumbo nucifera spp. Large Red Large plant with light red
4-10 60"
Nelumbo nucifera spp. Alba Grandiflora Very fragrant white blooms.
Vigorous, large plant.
4-10 60"
Nelumbo nucifera spp. Double Rose ery large, free flowering with
a double rosy pink bloom
4-10 60"
Nelumbo nucifera spp. Empress Beautiful, white flower tipped
with fuchsia. Ruffled foliage up
to 24" diameter.
4-10 60"
Nelumbo nucifera spp. Hindu A popular and hardy plant.
Large foliage with single petal,
pink flowers.
4-10 60"
Nelumbo nucifera spp. Momo Botan Great blooming, small to
medium double pink flowers.
Will grow in 10" pot.
4-10 40"
Nelumbo nucifera spp. Mrs. Perry D. Slocum Very large double blooms,
open deep pink changing to
coral then yellow.
4-10 60"





Nelumbo nucifera

Common Names = Sacred Lotus

Flower Colour = pink, white

Position = Sunny

Soil type = Sandy Loam, Medium Loam, Clay Loam

Zones = Brisbane

Approx. Max. Height = 120 cm (4 ft 1 in.)

Approx. Max. Spread = 47 cm (10 ft 0 in.)



HERBAL NAME : Folium Nelumbinis
SOURCE : Leaf of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.
CHARACTERISTICS : Mild in nature, slightly bitter in taste, and attributive to liver and spleen channels.
INDICATION : Clear away heat, promote the production of body fluid to relieve thirst, reduce the level of blood-fat, disperse blood stasis and stop bleeding.
PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTION : This herb is used for summer heat to treat fever, excessive sweating, irritability, scanty urine and diarrhea. It also used for vomiting blood.

The following 3 plants will grow in Missouri.


Nelumbo lutea (Willd.) Pers.

Nelumbo nucifera Gaertner


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